3 Canadian soldiers needlessly die in Stephen Harper's illegal and unwinnable w 3 more Canadian troops badly hurt in Harper's American ass kissing war A growing majority of Canadians agree with Barack Obama when it comes to renegot Afghans vent anger at Canadians America's Ideologue in Chief American Republican-style Stephen Harper's illegal and unwinnable war in Afghani American ass kissing O'Connor should resign immediately American ass kissing Stephen Harper actually wanted to send Canadian troops to I Bienvenue en Suisse (et ses autoroutes)! Britain is willing to talk to the Taliban so what is your excuse, Mr Harper? CANADA DAY 2008: American Republican-style Stephen Harper has transformed Canad Canada has obligation to Afghans in Gitmo, Mr Harper Canada must be flexible with Lebanese applicants Canada needs a `Sorry Day', Mr Harper Canadian soldier seriously injured in Stephen Harper's illegal and unwinnable w Celebrating 36 Years of Legal Abortion and a Pro-Choice Administration Conservatives Insult, Ignore and Fail Provinces Conservatives Must Answer Tough Questions on Election Spending Violations Conservatives ignore advice of police chiefs and instead opt to listen to their Deceivin' Stephen's Conservatives coming apart at the seams Do you have the guts to debate a shooting victim, Mr Harper? Faire suite à Homolkamania... George Bush, who is responsible for so much needless death and destruction, is w Graham Leads Chinese-Canadian Roundtable in Toronto HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Harper's economic plan: Attack workers' wages Harper's unconditional support for Israel costs Conservatives in Québec I'd rather be sick in Canada than Ameri-KKK-a IS THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA FULL OF RACIST SCUM? Inquiry is a damning indictment on Redneck Racist Conservatives Is Stockwell Day really "Bible Bill" Aberhart in disguise?!?! Is Terry Pearson (The Right One) an Angry White Anglo Saxon Protestant Male?!?! Is warmongering, bloodthirsty, global war criminal George W. Bush's two illegal It's time to put Canadian farmers first, Mr Harper Its White Racism, Mr Bush Its YOU who is the bully, Mr Harper...as well as an over privileged White Male Its inevitable and your party should enthusiastically embrace it, Mr Harper Its time to end this totally unwinnable and thoroughly pointless war, Mr Harper James Wright and Crap Detector to soon be rendered demographically and electora Japan's Liberal Democrats sweep to power in landslide electoral tsunami Jobless rate at 11-year high under Stephen Harper's lousy economic stewardship La baloune bloquiste. Leaked Government Purchase Plan Legally Reckless and Outsources Canadian Soverei Les bananes sont trop mures Les privileges des "plus forts". Liberals Call on Government to Aid Victims of Indonesian Tsunami Liberals call for Conservatives to Come Clean on Election Financing Liquidating the Empire Listen to victims of Gun violence and Police officers as opposed to Redneck gun MORE TORY SLEAZE BUBBLES TO THE SURFACE: Did American Republican-style Stephen Malalai Joya breaks the fear barrier in Ottawa Mé sont ti fou pas a peu près ( Canadianisme) No whites need apply? Not even reality TV is immune in Bush's shamefully racist AmeriKKKa Progressive Quebec prevents a Redneck Alberta-centric Conservative majority Progressives aim to de-throne Conservative agenda Quebec says "NON" to Alberta White Anglo Conservative securities regulator plan Quitting the Conservatives: A personal and political journey Qur'an is much studied, often misunderstood Racist Redneck Alberta Lilly White Anglo Tories reveal contempt for immigration Racist Redneck American Republican-style Stephen Harper proves he is totally in Republican Defeat a Lesson for Conservatives Republican Defeat should serve as a wake up call, Mr Harper Republicans and Conservatives are both still dominated by vicious White Racists Socialism for the rich Sont Hot les USA Stephen Harper admits that his child care plan is unworkable bullshit Stephen Harper dithering on ending corporate crime Stephen Harper plans higher levels of pollution for Canada Stephen Harper puts the interests of his corporate buddies over Canadian workers Stephen Harper worships at the altar of tax cuts and cheap imports Stephen Harper's American Republican-style Evangelical Christian Fundamentalist Stephen Harper's health pledges beginning to fade Stephen Harper's illegal and unwinnable war has broken the back of the Canadian Stéphane Dion's strategy is falling into place quite nicely TORY SLEAZE BOMBSHELL: American Republican-style Racist Redneck Alberta-centric Taliban Toews wishes to drag children before a judge The Conservative Position on Abortion Deceives Voters The End of White America by the year 2042 is too be welcomed and celebrated There is a strong link between poverty and racism in Canada, Mr Harper Today's 'Islamic Fascists' Were Yesterday's Friends Tories' anti-choice, anti-equality agenda designed to placate their WASP male gr Two more Quebecois soldiers killed in Stephen Harper's illegal & unwinnable war URGENT: Oussama ben Laden serait mort ? Vast majority of Americans continue to oppose George W. Bush's illegal and unwi We've ditched peacekeeping to back U.S. actions Western Canadian Redneck Conservative Bible Thumper wants to control women's wo What do Canadian Conservatives think of Immigrants? When will Alberta-centric Stephen Harper fire his anti-Ontario and anti-Quebec When will you retract your income trust lies, Mr Harper? White Anglo American Republican-style Tory sleaze bubbles to the surface Who Started Cold War II Why do tax cut worshipping Conservatives refuse to save for a rainy day? Why don't you just admit its really about White Racism, Mr Harper? Wife of Missing UN Observer Holds Out Hope Will Bush and Harper bring the troops home to stop these illegal wars? Will Stephen Harper do anything to help African healthcare? Will you use Canadian troops to prop up the American Empire, Mr Harper? Yet another young Canadian soldier killed in Stephen Harper's illegal, futile a Your attack on the Court Challenges Program hurts women, visible minorities, abo